Misguided Attempts at Self Improvement

Misguided Attempts at Self Improvement


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This is a square, ready to hang giclee print on metal featuring Pearl, the young unicorn in training. Every young unicorn must prove themselves worthy in order to earn their horn. They will remain a horse until they are able to summon the unicorn within.

Pearl has decided to drape herself in a nest of snakes to see if that would help her accelerate her horn growth. It takes bravery and an inner stillness to not be attacked by the venomous snakes, so she theorized that her ability to complete this task will make her more magical. Little does she know, the snakes have a special love of unicorns and will not attack them under any circumstance, with our without a horn, making her attempt a bit misguided.

Archival metal print is sized at 10x10 inches and includes a ready to hang backing with the artist's signature and a number out of 50. This print is so beautiful and the brushed metal surface glows diferently as the light changes.