Cupcake 8x10 Digital Print

Cupcake 8x10 Digital Print


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Lunch buddies series.

This image features a large one-eyed bull dog named Cupcake and a thin gentleman named Mr. Tumbletree. Both have come to the park to enjoy a special afternoon celebration, but have very different ideas about how it feels to celebrate.

For Cupcake it is stretching out on a bench and staring off into the park with his good eye allowing the gentle drift of refined sugar mixed with strawberry flavor to tickle his nostrils. Today is his birthday and he wants nothing more then to enjoy it alone.

Mr. Tumbletree is celebrating his 2-month anniversary as president of the Fake Whiskers Society. He has taped on whiskers every day for the past 60-days and has dedicated his lunch break to finding new whisker enthusiasts. He carries a small bag of vegan whiskers and scotch tape in his brown bag. He has dealt with resistance and apathy before, so he is armed with a positive outlook and a genuine love of all things whisker related. He just needs to find the right approach to win over Cupcake.